You obviously want to spend time with your family, but many roadblocks make it difficult. Everyone's different ages and interests make it hard to find something you all think is fun. It can also be hard to think of something that sounds fun or interesting to do in your area. Continue reading to find some new family activity ideas. 

Go to the Movies

Due to the popularity of streaming services, fewer people are going to movie theaters. Do you remember how much fun it used to be to drive up to the theater, choose a movie, get some popcorn and other snacks, and then watch something with friends and family? Even though it might be cheaper and more convenient to watch new movies on your favorite streaming service, you should consider taking your family to the local movie theater.

Go to the Mall

Another fun family activity that's less popular due to technology is going to a shopping mall. Many people shop online, but going to the mall is a fun experience that's about more than just shopping. You can go there no matter the weather and spend time walking around, browsing shops, talking, eating, laughing, and having a good time together as a family. 

Visit a Large City

No matter where you live, you're probably within a few hours of a large city. Traveling to a big city and hanging out with your family for the day is fun. There are usually events, good places to eat, and lots of touristy activities. 

Go to an Event

If you do a little research, you can usually find a few events in your area in any given week. It could be a rodeo, circus, fair, concert, etc., and you're sure to find one that your whole family will enjoy. 

Take a Scenic Drive

When you can't find anything specific to do, you can just pack your whole family into your car and take a scenic drive. You all probably spend a lot of time in your own rooms at home, so it's nice being in the car together, where you can catch up, laugh, and have some fun as a family. One day, your kids will be grown, and you may never ride together in the family car again, so it's an experience you should cherish. 

Do Something Educational

If you want your family to do an activity that's also educational, there are plenty of fun things you can do that involve learning. You could all visit the library together, visit a museum, explore historical areas, etc.