Comic books come from a long list of publishers. Along with some of the bigger publishers like DC and Marvel, you can build a large of collection of collectible indie comics. Indie comics have a long history of publication and include a wide range of genres. If you enjoy the world of superheroes, then you can find multiple differences between indie and mainstream comics.

Check out some of the advantages of indie superhero comics and the ways they are more enjoyable than some of the mainstream options.

1. Unique Art Styles 

At first glance, you can often recognize superhero designs from big publishers like Marvel and DC. When you read about superheroes in indie comics, you will get a wide range of different hero designs. The heroes can include unique features and follow all kinds of different art styles.

Ultimately, the covers will often draw you in. The covers may feature unique superhero poses or action shots of the heroes. When you purchase collectible indie comic books, you can frame those designs and display them in your home.

2. Stand-Alone Heroes

In the bigger publishers, a large majority of the heroes are all connected together. You will often see crossover events or interactions with other heroes and worlds. Many of the heroes also have a deep-rooted history in their stories. When you read indie comic books, you have the opportunity to read the journey of stand-alone heroes.

The comics stand on their own and can tell their own stories without the need to connect to others. The stand-alone heroes give storytellers a chance to create and tell unique stories without classic mythology or history tied to characters.

3. Unique

Indie comics do not have a huge committee or company deciding the future of characters. The authors and illustrators of the comics can take storylines in unique directions and present their own angles on the superhero genre. Without so many rules in place, you will often find more adventurous stories that push the boundaries and create unique tales.

With superheroes, the indie creators can have a lot of fun playing with powers and straying away from the norm. If you're used to the typical superhero comic book, you are bound to find a lot of surprises when you read indie comics.

Collect and read a wide range of indie comic books to find your favorites and pick ones that really fit your desire to read superhero stories and tales.