Vaping and burning processes can be greatly improved with the use of a mini hemp grinder. This type of equipment will prepare blends that contain uniform-sized herb particles.

Uniform Batches

A manufacturer or a 'go between' who prepares separate manufactured products and sells each batch for profit, may package entire buds or large clumps of hemp into one pouch or container. The manufacturing or separation process may fail to omit seeds, dense particles, and other obstructions that could interfere with the flavor and burning process that hemp products are noted for.

Instead of worrying about where you are obtaining your goods from, focus on acquiring a supply of hemp first, then concentrate on preparing each batch with your portable grinding system.

Use Value Variables

  • construction 
  • size
  • weight
  • style
  • custom features
  • storage

​A Grinder's Design

The construction of a hemp grinder may influence how resilient a grinder will be when transporting it in your pocket, a bag, or by hand. Take note of the size of a grinder, being certain to inspect the cutting apparatus that is inside of a grinder. Sharp metal pieces or blades may be secured to the lid of a grinder.

As a grinder is actively used, the material that comes into contact with the grinding pieces will be cut into pieces that are relatively the same size. The weight of your grinder may indicate whether this type of unit can be set on top of a table while preparing herbs or whether it will need to be gripped manually.

If you will be entertaining others and plan on bringing your grinder along with you when you furnish your companions with smoking products, you may want to invest in a weighted unit that you can take out of your pocket and set up on a table that you and your friends will be seated around.

The style of a grinder and the custom features that it possesses can be reflective of your personality or personal smoking style. If you enjoy vaping or smoking cannabis products, you may want to invest in a solid oak or cedar grinder that contains a hemp design engraving. If you purchase hemp on a routine basis, consider buying a grinder that has your initials printed on it or engraved into it. The amount of storage that is located near the bottom of a grinder will indicate how much fresh herbs you can contain within the unit. A company like Sweetleaf Grinders has more information.