Black Lightning is a television series about a superhero. The main character is a family man who has lightning powers that he uses to rescue victims and overcome villains. His two daughters, who also have superpowers, join him in his fight against evil. His wife, who is a physician, also participates but has no special abilities.

The show employs a variety of talented actors. Here are some of the characteristics that they tend to have in common.

Strong Acting Skills

The actors in Black Lightning must summon a variety of emotions to match the roles of their characters in each episode. During one episode, an actor may be angry at the loss of a friend or loved one who has been captured or killed by a supervillain. During another episode, the same actor may have discovered that they have superpowers and must deal with the anxiety associated with ostracism from friends and family members who were once close to them. Likewise, as the story evolves, the same character may become romantically involved with another character, requiring the actor to display tender affection.

The show also addresses uncomfortable social issues, such as racism. To help audiences empathize with the victims of injustices, the actors must play their roles well. The seriousness of the content could become laughable instead of thought-provoking if the actors perform poorly.

Thus, to display the full gambit of emotions that are needed to make the characters believable, it is important that the skill levels of the actors involved be high. Many of the actors on the show are quite experienced and have been trained in other roles over the years.

Good Physical Condition

Although some of the show's action scenes are likely to be played by stunt doubles, the actors on the show may still need to participate in some physical feats. Since the show is based on superheroes and their extraordinary abilities, there tends to be a large amount of action in each episode. As a result, actors on the show are often in good physical condition.

Even if they're not completing all the jumps and rolls associated with a fight scene, there are still multiple close-up shots of the characters punching, kicking, and running. Actors may have to train physically to maintain the physical aptitude necessary to meet the demands of the show.

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