If you have decided to open a fireworks store or to sell fireworks for special occasions like Fourth of July celebrations or wedding receptions, you need to know the best strategies for buying wholesale fireworks in order to make money. This isn't always an easy thing to do because many wholesale companies will sell fireworks in batches of the same type of fireworks, and you might want a bit more variety than that.

Here are some tips for buying wholesale fireworks to ensure you make money at your new store.

Buy A Large Assortment Of Fireworks

There are a couple of ways you can accomplish getting a good variety of wholesale fireworks to buy. First, you can buy all your fireworks separately picking and choosing the ones you want in bulk. Always make sure you have a good assortment of fireworks so your customers will never be disappointed in their options.

You can also buy already prepared assortments, either smaller packages or larger ones. Larger ones tend to be the better option as they have more of a variety and there are fewer repeating options in each package.

You can work with your wholesale company to figure out which packages work best for you. If you do buy the larger assortment packages, you can oftentimes either break them into smaller packages yourself or sell each piece as a single item.

Buy A Selection Already Prepared As A Show

Other than assortment packages, you can also buy already prepared packages or mixed-case packages that are already made up to use in a show. You will find more of a variety of the more popular items that the wholesale fireworks company sells and that tend to be popular with the public viewing the fireworks.

You can choose between the sets of fireworks so that the type of fireworks included in each package are all similar. For example, you could pick a package that has all higher firing fireworks or you could pick closer to the ground options for smaller events.

Pre-made mixed case varieties are made with your customers in mind and for different types of shows. If you are uncertain which types are best to buy at first, this can be a good option.

Have A Wide Variety For Multiple Events

One thing you should always keep in mind when buying wholesale fireworks to sell in your store is to make sure you have a wide variety of fireworks so your customers have a large selection to choose from. While it might be tempting to only buy what's popular at the moment, those particular fireworks might not fit a wedding, or birthday party, or even New Year's celebrations for everyone.

Always make sure you have a selection for multiple events during the year. When you have been selling them for a while in your store, you will learn which sets and single fireworks are the most popular at certain times and then you can adjust your selection to suit it.