With Covid-19 still limiting activities around the world, you may want to be cautious when taking your family outside for activities to stay safe and have fun. There are a great variety of family activities you can complete while still maintaining safe distancing from others in public. Here are some fun and exciting ideas for your next family activity.

Make Hand-Made Holiday Decorations

With the holidays and Christmas coming up, you may be ready to decorate your home for the season. Instead of pulling out all your commercial decorations for your Christmas tree, you may want to consider hosting a craft night with your family to create your own set of tree decorations. 

Set up a crafting table with glitter, sequins, stickers, felt, construction paper, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to give your family members their own freedom to create beautiful and unique decorations that you can add to your Christmas tree. No matter the age of your children or family members, each can create to their heart's content and build additions for you to enjoy for the Christmas holiday. You can even use current photos of your family as decor options to construct and create.

You may also want to create strings of decor with a variety of items. Cereal rings, marshmallows, popcorn, and cranberries are all great materials that you can build decorative strings to go along your tree's branches. Or you may want to bake gingerbread or sugar cookies that you can turn into ornaments with a loop of ribbon to hang on each branch.

Go Out In Nature

The great outdoors still offers an escape from your home and allows you to get outside for fresh air and the rejuvenating effects nature can bring you. If you live near any hiking trails, you can take a half-day hike to a lake or through a canyon, or you can plan a weekend camping outing. Because you will be bringing your family on the adventure, be sure you have plenty of snacks and food, such as s'mores or campfire dinners, and plan for fun activities, such as fishing or setting up a frisbee golf course around the campsite. 

If you do not have any hiking trails nearby, you can still take a nature walk through a local park. Take a picnic lunch to enjoy in a grassy area, and if you have young children, spend some time playing on the playground with them. The time you spend together to create memories will remain with you and your children and other family members for years to come.

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