Black and white celebrity portraits capture the human side of celebrities and often feature intimate looks at some of Hollywood's biggest icons. One way to showcase your love for a celebrity is by hanging up celebrity portraits photography. Black and white images feature great contrast and stand out when hung up.

The portraits look even more sleek and elegant when hung up in a frame. As you shop for a frame, consider some tips to ensure the celebrity photography looks the best when mounted and hung up on the wall.

1. White Mattes

Allow a celebrity portrait to stand out when you put the portrait in a matted frame. A white matte adds a thick border around the photo. The photo will look more artistic in the matte. The focal point is naturally drawn to the pictures and edges do not blend into the frame. The pictures have an added depth to the design.

When you shop for frames, some of them come with mattes built into the frame. Other times, you can find a frame you like and then purchase a matte that is cut to fit the photo and the frame. Some places will sell the celebrity with a matte option so you do not need to measure the photos and figure out the dimensions for yourself.

2. UV Protective Glass

When you shop for frames, it's important to consider the quality of the glass. One element to look for is UV protective glass. UV light is one of the biggest concerns when hanging black and white photos. The UV rays can cause whites to yellow over time, resulting in distortion of the original photo. The same applies to any celebrity portraits you may have autographs on. UV protection will prevent markers from fading over time and keep the photo in mint condition.

3. Frame Colors

Even if a photo is black and white, the frame color doesn't need to match. Create a more dynamic look when you choose a colored frame. The color pop will stand out if you hang up the frame on neutral walls as well. If can draw someone right to the frame and the celebrity photo on the inside.

Find unique themes to help you select the color of the frame. For example, if you have a black and white photo of Muhammad Ali, then you can choose a red frame to represent the signature color of boxing gloves. You could also choose a red frame for a picture of Lucille Ball to match her signature hair.

Take your time to pick a frame and style that helps draw attention to the image and creates a unique look. You can also work with companies like Rocky Schenck to learn more tips and tricks.