November and December are popular times for office holiday parties. Many companies will award their employees with special prizes, raffles, and giveaways as a chance to win a little bonus. If you plan on hosting a holiday prize party for your employees, then you want keep festivities lighthearted and fun.

Raffle tickets are often the best way to go and give people a fair chance to win multiple prizes. Follow this quick guide to help you set up your holiday prize office and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Interactive Game Rentals

Even better than the raffle experience is the various ways your employees can win raffle tickets. Interactive games not only give incentive to try and win some raffle tickets, but they provide fun ways for employees to play and bond together. For example, you could rent an arcade racing game where employees race each other and attempt to win.

Arcade-style rentals may include basketball shoot-outs of mini-golf games. The games provide a fun atmosphere and ways for employees to socialize without the pressures of work. Look into renting fun game show-inspired games like a drop-down Plinko board inspired by The Price is Right.

If the event is held outdoors, you have the option to rent larger inflatable games with more sports elements and spaces for more participants.

Participation Tickets

To give everyone a chance at the raffle, set up a raffle ticket system that awards people for just trying out games for corporate events. For example, if someone plays a game, they will receive a raffle ticket. The winner of the game would then get awarded one or two extra tickets as a bonus.

By the end of the night, a majority of people should have a good amount of tickets left to enter the raffle with.

Raffle Prize Options

You have two options to choose from when you set up a raffle. You could put all of the tickets into a single pool so everyone has a chance at every prize. You could also have individual entry options for individual prizes. The second option allows employees to choose exactly which prizes they want to win.

Ask employees which option they prefer. You could also do all individual prizes and then pool together the remaining tickets for one of the grand prizes.

With extra planning, you can have a lot of fun and turn the game rentals into an annual tradition for your office. For more information on games for corporate events, contact an event planner.