Watching live hockey games provides a lot of excitement and non-stop action on the ice. While games used to be limited to specific channels, many online streaming services have expanded the coverage for games. When you watch live hockey games, you want to make the most out of the experience.

Follow three tips to have clear picture and ensure you don't run into problems while you enjoy games.

1. Use Direct Connections

In many cases, you can stream live games from a phone and laptop and then send the feed to your television through a screen share option. Sometimes, the screen share could result in a lag between the video and sound or just a jittery video overall. Avoid any lag issues with a direct connection to the TV.

Purchase an HDMI cable that is compatible with your portable device and will connect directly with the television. The direct connection will give you the best quality and also output the sound to your television as well. If you use accessories like a sound bar, then you will hear commentary and game sounds with ease.

2. Try Motion Smoothing Features

When connected to a TV, you want the fast-paced hockey action to look smooth and clear. For most movies and television shows, you want to turn the motion smoothing off because the images blend strangely. In the world of sports, motion smoothing works well to showcase the action, especially when the small puck flies across the screen.

The motion smoothing will increase the frame rate so everything blends together more naturally. On many TVs, you can set-up your own custom settings with motion smoothing kicked up. Save the preset as "hockey games" so you can easily adjust the settings each time you watch the game.

3. Turn Off Other Streaming Devices

As you watch live hockey league games, you do not want to worry about buffering or freezing video ruining the experience. Ideally, you want to shut off other streaming devices or electronics that take up your internet bandwidth. Unplug other streaming devices and video game consoles.

With more dedicated internet speed for your hockey games, you can enjoy the live experience and not miss out on any key plays. Run an internet speed test before and after you unplug devices to see the differences and understand how the quality will change.

Try all three options the next time you watch live hockey games and see how different the experience can become.