Indian weddings are famous for both their scale and attention to detail. While some ceremonies are bound to be larger than others, the DJ you choose for your wedding is one detail you can't overlook. Rather than rely on a random friend or a relative who has only a few hours of experience DJing weddings, you'll want to search out the right DJ for your particular celebration. Take a look below to discover three of the most important things you should consider when hiring a DJ for an Indian wedding.

Cultural and Musical Sensibilities

No matter the location, culture plays a large part in weddings, and this is something that all DJs should appreciate. No matter how talented and experienced they might otherwise be, it is imperative that a DJ be intimately familiar with Indian music and culture more generally. This is certainly not to say that an Indian wedding must feature an Indian DJ, but a DJ who can differentiate between Punjabi and Rajasthani music, for example, is far preferable to one who can't. While it may not be necessary to quiz a DJ on their music knowledge, it is a good idea to get some samples of their work as soon as possible.

Knowledge of Ceremonial Proceedings

Even a DJ who is in tune with modern Indian musical tastes might not have the necessary experience with Indian weddings that would make them a smart hire. The ceremony that takes place during many wedding celebrations needs to be a tightly orchestrated one without any hiccups. Because DJs are often in charge of lighting as well as music, they need to be completely aware of and in sync with each step of the ceremony. If they cannot effectively communicate with the officiant -- usually a religious leader -- then each stage of the wedding is unlikely to live up to expectations.

Multi-Day Packages

The most elaborate Indian wedding will include all possible events, from the Sangeet to the Mehendi to the actual marriage ceremony. When speaking to DJs who you are considering for your Indian wedding, ask if they offer packages or bundles that include their services for all events. Many DJs are more than happy to be flexible with their time if they are being hired for several days in a row for a large wedding. If you are confident that a DJ has the musical sensibilities, cultural knowledge, and professional experience needed to make your wedding even better, then don't hesitate to reach out for their services.