There are a number of ways you can reward your employees and provide them with an exciting getaway. A corporate charter yacht can give your employees a luxurious and memorable adventure with dining, entertainment, and accommodations. Here are some recommendations for you as you plan out your upcoming corporate event with a yacht charter.

Choose Your Location

One of the first things you will consider when planning a corporate yacht charter is the destination for your event. When you have the ability to sail into ports, islands, and other sea locations, you can customize your outing to exactly where you want to go. 

If you have a specific destination in mind – such as a private lagoon, a great location for snorkeling, or a series of deserted islands – let the corporate yacht charter broker know so they can plan your trip accordingly. If you want to travel to a busy tourist destination, for example, your broker will be able to recommend the best time to visit to help your group avoid crowds. They can also recommend the best time of year to plan your charter to take advantage of the slower season when fewer tourists will be around.

Look at Yacht Size

The size of the corporate yacht you choose to charter is going to depend on how many guests you will be accommodating and also the locations you want to visit. If you have a larger group who will need space for relaxing, sleeping, and activities, you may want to charter a mega yacht, which is comparable to a small-sized cruise ship. However, if you want to rent a smaller boat for a more intimate group of a few employees, you can rent a yacht that is smaller in size.

Select the Yacht Amenities and Activities

When you book a corporate charter yacht, you also get to choose the types of accessories that accompany the yacht based on its size and capacity. Do you want to have sea-doos, a slide into the water, or snorkel equipment to use while your guests are at sea? The size of the yacht you charter will also determine the capacity for the amenities your corporate outing will come with. Usually the larger the yacht, the more accessories you can rent along with it.

You will also have an opportunity to select the type of menu for your corporate chartered yacht outing. Consider all the varying diet restrictions of your guests so that each will have a good variety and selection of different fare while at sea.

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