A themed gift is a great way to give multiple presents that fit within the same theme. When you shop online for horror vinyl collections, the record itself is a fun collectible gift, but you can enhance the gift even further with some add-on options. Put together a horror gift basket or multiple presents that all match a similar theme.

1. Collectible Figurines

The unique designs of horror movie characters and villains have been portrayed through several collectibles over the years. Some of the easiest to find are Funko Pop figures, but there are many designs and styles to choose from. Once you purchase some horror vinyl collections, shop for the figures to match.

A person could display the figures using the record as a backdrop, or make the figure a part of the turntable. For example, an open Funko Pop figure could stand right next to the record player that spins and plays the vinyl record.

2. Horror Sequel Soundtracks

Why limit yourself to just one vinyl record purchase. Horror movies are known for their sequels and you could purchase a large collection with multiple soundtracks to represent multiple movies. As you gift the collection, a person could listen to the evolution of the soundtrack and how songs have transitioned through the years.

Along with horror sequel soundtracks, look into records with similar themes. For example, you could purchase a collection of slasher movie soundtracks or soundtracks from 1980's horror movies.

3. Retro Movie Editions

The vinyl record is a fun piece of retro technology to own and collect. Pair the retro gift with other pieces of retro options from the same movie. For example, you could shop for a sealed VHS tape of the same movie as the horror soundtrack.

If the person is using the items for more than just a display piece, then consider purchasing some of the hardware to go with the items. A record player or VCR will make it easy to play the items and get the most out of the collection.

4. Officially Licensed Blankets

A horror movie soundtrack record is an ideal gift to play music, relax, and enjoy the rich sounds from classic and modern horror movies. Help a person get comfortable and cozy up with an officially licensed horror movie blanket. Purchase a general horror movie blanket or match the blanket design to a soundtrack you purchase. The gift pack is ideal for the colder months of the year and could also be packaged with other cozy items like snacks and candles.

Once you come up with a unique theme, you could turn the gift into an annual tradition every time you shop for horror vinyl records. For more information, contact companies that sell horror vinyl collections.