If you love going to real-life escape rooms, then you can take your passion for the games one step further by starting your own escape room league. A league consists of multiple teams who compete at various escape rooms. After a set amount of time, you can build on the competition and create new challenges for everyone involved.

Follow this quick guide to come up with your own league and enhance the fun of an escape room game.


The minimum amount of teams you can have in an escape room league is two. To keep things organized, you should cap off the team amount to six. An even number of teams makes it easier to set up head-to-head matches. Each team can consist of two to four members as that is the typical number of people allowed in an escape room.

As you form a league, keep team names and rosters together so everyone is on the same page. Each team should have a captain to stay organized and act as a point of communication for the duration of the game.

Escape Room Choices

The key to choosing an escape room is finding specific themes. To keep everything fair, teams will have to go through the same escape room as their opponent. This ensures that all the challenges are the same. To save time, you can split up the themes between competing teams.

For example, Team A and Team B could compete in a bank-themed escape room while Team C and Team D compete in a library theme. Each team goes separately and the goal is to not only escape the room but have the fastest time.

Room themes often remain the same in escape rooms. This means that teams will have plenty of time to schedule a date and get together for the challenge. For example, you could give teams a whole week to go and visit the escape room. Pictures and official scores from the escape room will offer proof of successful completion.

Scoring & Standings

The team with the fastest time against their opponent is declared the winner and scores a win for their team. After a few months, you can check the standings and select the top two teams to compete in the championship. In the championship round, everyone votes on which escape room to play in and the room should typically be the most challenging option.

Once the championship ends and the winner is declared, you can start a new season and go through the whole cycle again.

As you get settled into the league, you will get more comfortable with the flow, schedules, and building up the competition.