You're devoting all your time and energy to producing a stellar show, but it feels like it's lacking. Or, you want to add flying stunts to your show to make it more authentic.

Liven your production by incorporating performer flying effects. Here are a few important pieces of information you need to know about performer flying effects. 

1. It's Important to Include Flying Effects as Soon as Possible

As soon as you know that you're potentially interested in adding flying effects to your show, consult with a company that offers performer flying services as quickly as possible. There are a lot of logistical details that go into flying effects, and you'll want to get started as soon as you can.

For example, you need the right type of set for flying effects. This means that you may need to make changes to your venue or rent special equipment to accommodate the effects.

There is a lot of choreography involved with flying effects. It takes time to incorporate the flying scenes into the rest of your production, and the non-flying and flying performers need time to practice. The flying performers also require time to adapt to and practice in the venue. 

You may also need to make adjustments to your costumes so that they can incorporate the equipment required for flying scenes. 

2. You Can Opt to Hide or Showcase the Wires

Whether you decide to hide the wires for the flying effects depends on your show and your preferences.

Some producers feel like including the wires as part of the set expands the options for the performance. When included, the wires act as an accessory for the performers to showcase their moves. If you're adding flying effects to a music-based performance or circus-inspired piece, it's more than appropriate to choose visible wires. 

However, if your flying effects are intended to be realistic (such as a flying witch or hovering ghost), you'll likely want to select flying equipment that hides the wires so that they don't detract from your show. 

3. You May Rent Props and Equipment to Enhance the Performance

When you hire a company that provides flying effects, you'll likely have the option to rent props that will enhance the effects. Some companies have props that are specifically intended for usage in popular productions that require flying effects. 

These props are designed for flight and are compatible with the equipment needed for flying effects. You can also inquire about renting costumes that are suitable for flying effects.