Getting a tattoo is a fun ritual for tattoo enthusiasts no matter how many times they may have gotten one before. Sure, not all tattoos are easy to get, but they are always worth it for those who adore the way tattoos look and what they represent. If you are going with your friend in their quest for new body art from the best tattoo artist they know, here are three ways that you can better support them in this endeavor.

Buy a Small Present to Commemorate the Event

When your friend plans to share the experience of getting their latest tattoo with you, buy a small present to show them that you support them and appreciate being along for the ride. This doesn't have to be anything big, since just a small token of appreciation is nice. You may opt to give them something related to the tattoo they are getting. For example, if they are getting a Celtic cross, you may give them a Celtic diary with some sweet sentiments from you written in the front cover.

Keep Any Misgivings About Body Art to Yourself

Not everybody is a tattoo enthusiast, and that's okay. Unfortunately, a lot of people who aren't fond of any body art let tattoo enthusiasts know how they dislike tattoos on a weekly basis. For some reason, many people feel that they can remark on anybody's tattoo, and their judgments on the person's lifestyle can be extreme based only on the fact that they have a tattoo. Given that fact, it's especially important for you to keep any misgivings to yourself. Ultimately, it's up to the tattoo enthusiast to decide how their body should look, and you can be supportive even if it's not a decision you would make for yourself.

Point Out What You Love About the Finished Art

When your friend presents their new body art to you, you may not have a fully formed opinion of it. Since the tattoo is not likely to be in its full glory immediately after it's applied, be patient and look for things that you most like about the tattoo. Point these out to your friend. Honest compliments can go a long way to boosting morale and helping your friend appreciate the art that they have chosen.

Finally, being asked to go with a friend when they get a tattoo is an honor as they want to share this special experience with you, and you can best support them when you follow these tips. When you have been a supportive friend throughout this process, your friend is likely to think of you fondly every time they see that tattoo, and it is a memory that will always have a tangible souvenir that your friend takes with them everywhere.