There's nothing quite like getting the guys together to play a challenging dice game over some drinks. I've been a long time fan of games that you can bet on. It's really fun to play games with friends when stakes are getting high and there is a lot on the line. Even if you aren't into betting there are lots of dice games that can be fun to play with your own family. If you are looking for a really challenging dice game I would suggest giving backgammon a try. Backgammon is actually one of the oldest known board games for two players. There are many different variations on the game that you can try to add a different spin to the game as well. It's pretty exciting to know that there are a lot dice games out there that you can try out. Go buy yourself a couple sets of dice and you would be surprised at how many different configurations of dice that you can use to make up new games for you and your friends to play. Dice games will also help you to keep your mind sharp from having to keep track of all the different numbers that get thrown at you in a game. Share