The world knows Atlanta for its Dirty South, "get crunk" rap scene. Since the 1990s, Atlanta rappers have bringing notoriety to the city. We see these stars' videos on all the major cable networks. There is even a television reality show dedicated to Atlanta rappers. Nevertheless, the rest of Georgia has its lyrical legends as well. It seems people tend to forget that before the 1990s, Atlanta was a minor player in the rap world. Today, Savannah is home to a burgeoning musical empire. The city's most prominent entertainer is Drex rapper of the future. A fluid lyricist, Drex is a down South homeboy. His fans across the nation believe the Hustler Rapper album is one of the underground hits of the decade. The beats that accompany the words are popular with those driving through city streets. It is common to hear the songs of a Drex rapper from Savannah album booming in cars throughout the South. People believe in Drex's future because they know he has worked extremely hard to become a rising star in the hip-hop game. East Savannah claims Drex as one of its own and supports this young, talented musical entrepreneur. He continues to make hits and only time will tell how far Drex will climb in the entertainment business. Check out Drex TV to see his work.