Books have always been a very popular form of entertainment. From mystery novels to paperback romance books, reading has been one of the worlds best loved hobbies. However, in recent years the vampire novel series has been the most popular type of book that people are reading. Why is this? What makes this book series so attractive that even a series of movies has been made to depict what happened in the story? It is the combinations of romance, science fiction, fantasy and suspense that keeps readers going back for more. One of the most interesting things about a book is being able to put yourself in a world that does not exist. It is even more interesting if that world could not possibly exist no matter what the storyline is. The vampire novel series has characters that fall in love and struggle through absolutely impossible obstacles to be together. It makes one want to keep reading to find just how bizarre these struggles become. The ending is almost always the same. The good guy gets the girl, but there is the possibility that trouble may arise again so you simply cannot wait for the next volume to come out to find out what that is. These books are filled with exciting action and unrealistic drama, but they take us to a place and time we want to go to. From the first page to the past, the thrill is there that keeps us begging for more. Share