Commercial production services in Brazil are advertising agencies that design and develop a brief video advertisement of a client's product for the purpose of expanding demand for that product. Commercial production services in Brazil will first accept a request to produce and advertisement for a given product. At that time they will need to know what that product is and it intended purpose. Next the commercial production service will need to organize a visual aid for promoting that product. To make an effective advertisement the production service must display that product without boring or annoying the target audience. For example a food or beverage product may seek advertisement. This immediately creates a dilemma; food products greatly involve a sense of flavor, which a visual advertisement cannot directly convey. In order to be effective the food product must appear appealing, so the commercial production service must use only visual or audio stimulation to represent a flavor. In this example there is no correct solution to the problem. Flavor cannot be conveyed, so the commercial production service must use alternative appealing methods in the contact of the food product to associate something visually appealing alongside the food product. Sexy, or humorous advertisements may be effective. Colorful depictions of the preparation of the food product may as well. Share