After my first son was born and I decided on his name, I started looking for locations in the area where I would be able to purchase various personalized DVD stories, books, and CD's for him. There were several that I would be able to choose from, so I relied on recommendations from other mothers in the area that had previously purchased these items for their children. I decided that the first item I wanted to purchase for my son was a personalized kids cd with his name on it. There were many different personalized kids cd's available, so I started to check out each one of them in order to make my decision. I wanted to make sure that I chose one of these cd's that would sing songs that would interest my son, while also having his name sung throughout it. After I chose the CD's that I wanted for him, I would be able to place an order with the shop so that they would be able to create these CD's with my son's name. They would even be able to create a custom logo cd case that would contain my son's name, as well as the song list. Share