I am aspiring singer and songwriter who makes a living by playing coffee shops, open mic nights, and weddings. I would love to quite my day job and make performing my career, but in order to do that I need to take a few steps on the management end of my singing. One of these steps was to book some time in a Miami recording studio to record my very first demo CD. Since I don't anticipate being able to afford the cost of recording a CD very often, I knew that this album would have to represent me for a long time. I choose some of my most universal songs and choose arrangements and instrumentation that I felt were timeless. I really wanted everything to be pared down so that my voice and the lyrics could really shine through. The Miami recording studio had a helpful producer and engineer that helped me work through many of my decisions prior to recording. They played me several of their demos so that I knew what they were capable of and I could help them understand what I was looking for in sound quality. The next time I meet with them will be the day that I record my album! Share