Knowing what the temperatures do in the middle of the Texas summers, my husband and I planned our marriage for spring. Outdoor wedding venues in DFW that are held in April or early May are gorgeous, mostly because all the flowers are in bloom. My wedding and wedding reception were no exception to that, and I'll never forget them. When we were planning outdoor wedding venues in DFW, my parents and I decided to hold both the ceremony and the celebration right in our back yard. My mother has a green thumb, so our gardens are always incredible. The crepe myrtle trees and bushes were at their best and added a lot of color to the garden, as did all the hanging baskets. Tables, lovely chairs, and white linens were rented, and we ordered special flower arrangements for the tables. We had an elegant sit down dinner which was beautifully served by caterers, and there was dancing following the dinner. My dad had a special wooden dance floor built especially for this occasion, and it turned out just great. It was so much fun to watch my parents celebrate my special night and I heard more than one person comment on how my mother still looks like a bride herself! That made me think that perhaps I'll follow in her footsteps, as I plan to be just as happy as she has been in her marriage to my dad. Share