My bedroom closet has a special shelf that I use for gifts. I don't like having to run out at the last minute to buy something simply because I was too distracted or too busy to shop when I should have. I have everything from small bottles of lotion to nice costume jewelry. Since my girls have gotten a bit older, I now have a very nice stack of Disney puzzles. When our oldest daughter turned seven, one of her friends brought her two Disney puzzles of the beautiful Disney princesses. That was a perfect gift because she has played with the puzzles over and over again. I like the fact that Disney puzzles are fun, and they stimulate minds at the same time. There's a real sense of accomplishment when you finish something that's difficult, yet it's not frustrating when you don't have five hundred or a thousand pieces to join together. Now my daughters take Disney puzzles as gifts to their friends often. When our youngest daughter turned seven, I remembered how much our oldest daughter had loved her puzzles, so we had a Disney princess party for the birthday girl, and the party favors were Disney puzzles as well. That was a birthday she'll always remember! Share