Summertime is great. The kids are out of school, everyone's schedules seem more relaxed, and it is a great time to be outdoors. However, it always seems that three or four days into summer the kids' start complaining about being bored. They can only watch so many TV shows or play so many video games before they start to lose interest. That is why this summer I am really excited to check out blink. It is a light and sound extravaganza located in Boston's open-air market. It starts at 8 PM and is free. There are over 350,000 LED lights! The lights are set to music and so it looks like it will be truly magical. The Boston skyline will light up making it a great evening activity. Also, a lot of the restaurants in the market feature specials after 8 PM. It sounds like blink is a great event for the whole family. We are always looking for things to get us out of the house, and any event that is free is even better. So this summer instead of just sitting in front of the TV every night I am going to head over to Blink in Boston and check out the amazing LED lights.