When my husband and I were first dating, we didn't have a lot of money to go out and do things, so we spent a lot of time playing chess together. I was a terrible player, but after years of playing against my husband, who is an amazing player, I actually developed some skills and eventually began to win a game or two occasionally. My husband and I have become closer over our mutual love for chess and the chess set has become a permanent fixture in our living room since we play so often. For my husband's birthday this year, I found a really cool chess set that I know that he will love. He has mentioned buying a unique chess set many times in the past, but he has never actually gone ahead to make it. I am so excited to give him the chess set and actually sit down after his birthday meal for a game. I'm not sure how he will feel if I beat him the first game that we play on his brand new chess set, but I'm looking forward to taking the challenge and doing my best to win the game and be the first to say check mate. Share