Dirt track racing in Iowa is as popular as in most states. Most cities in Iowa have a form of dirt track racing. Often called speedways or raceways, dirt track racing in Iowa is usually oval in shape and no more than a mile in length. While the track itself is dirt, some are flat while others have a banked design. In order to keep the dust down when the ground is dry, the track is usually watered down before each race. Different types of vehicles are used for this type of racing. Each track will advertise for their particular type of race. Besides the different types of automobiles that use dirt tracks, you can also find motorcycles, off-road vehicles and many others. The automobiles used today are quite safe as they have special equipment installed on the car. This is to protect the driver should the vehicle roll over. The race tracks themselves are designed to make it safe for the spectator, as well. County and state fairs are just a few of the places you can find dirt track racing in the summer. This is always a big crowd favorite. Many famous race car drivers got their start on local dirt tracks. Share