My friend got married a couple of weeks ago. After the wedding ceremony they had a big, formal dinner. Near the end of the meal a couple of people from the wedding party gave speeches. All of the speeches were good, but the funny best man speech is what stands out in my mind. It was hilarious! The groom and his best man have been best friends since they were children, so the best man had a lot of great stories to tell everyone. His speech took a little longer than everyone elses did, but no one minded because it was a funny best man speech. It was not corny or boring. It was very entertaining. It could not have been better. I was actually sad when his speech was over because it was so good. What I liked about it also was that it was funny without being inappropriate or crude. You could tell he edited some stories since kids were present, but I thought that was classy and good of him. I hope when I get married someone gives as great of a speech as he did. Someone was filming the whole reception, and I am sure my friend and her husband will replay that speech over and over again. Share