The need to plan a bachelor party in Las Vegas NV is a rite of passage that most grooms expect. It is generally the best man's duty to plan the party, but in many cases, the groomsmen do the planning. This is especially true when the groom's father is his best man. If the fathers of the groom and the bride plan to attend, you might want to hold the rowdier events after they leave. Grooms sometimes even take an active role in determining what type of party they want. In fact, it is very important to plan a party that is in keeping with the groom's personal moral code. Hiring a limousine is an important detail when you plan a bachelor party in Las Vegas NV. Otherwise, at least one member of the group needs to be the designated driver. It is actually much easier to hire a limo and a professional driver so you don't have to worry about navigating the Strip late at night, securing parking, or refraining from drinking. If you are responsible for executing this event, you also need to make sure there is adequate food planned for the evening. This is particularly true if the group will be drinking. You can also plan the event around a Las Vegas men's show or one or more of the casinos. On the day of the wedding, the groom will have great memories of his final night as a single man. Share