Florida most certainly has the reputation as being America's playground state. With miles and miles of sandy beaches, a never ending choice of accommodation and what many east coast retirees and 'snow-birders' refer to as a relaxed, tropical atmosphere. However perhaps you are seeking more out of your trip to Florida? Maybe you want to set up a class reunion, host a mega party or even source a band, DJ or a magician for your next function. A quick browse through the Miami yellow pages leaves you in comfortable that there is no shortage of entertainment companies in Florida! So many in fact that you will see a lot of specialization evident in the listings. Some companies are set up to deal especially with weddings, others for large scale entertainment ventures such as rock concerts and even marathons, complete with after event entertainment. A quick check reveals that most entertainment companies in Florida work on an initial up front fee for their services, and some also negotiate with clients for a percentage of the profits. This seems dependent on the scale and type of function you are planning, with say the provision of a band for your daughters wedding attracting just a set fee for the musicians. Of course you can rest assured that the agent doing the booking will retain some of that fee as a commission, but normally this is of no concern of yours.