It can sometimes be hard to be a red blooded male American and try to sweep one of these beautiful girls off their feet. I know that most of these really pretty girls get asked on a ton of dates. I always feel like I am not going to be able to really impress the girl that I go out with. I was starting to run out of good date ideas. I know that girls are not huge fans of dinner and a movie, so I try and mix things up a bit for them. One of the dates that I have found girls love is rock climbing. I love this date because it shows me if the girl is willing to go out and have a good time and enjoy herself. A few girls that I took on dates refused to go up the rock climbing wall in Rochester NY. This was fine with me, but as you can imagine there was no reason to ask them on another date. I took this one beautiful brunette to the rock climbing wall in Rochester NY, and she absolutely loved it. This girl was so pretty and so fun that I just had to ask her on another date. Share