Hookahs can be a fun, social and relaxing way to smoke and spend time with friends. The ever-increasing variety of flavors and the pervasive permeation of hookahs throughout Western culture have made it a popular novelty among people who had never heard of a hookah until recently. Many still view it with a little hesitation due to a feeling of unfamiliarity and perhaps a bit of confusion regarding how it all works. In particular, figuring out how to light hookah coals can be daunting, particularly since it is the only aspect of the hookah which carries a potential (even if small) risk of danger. For many, there is a simple alternative: the self-starting coal. As opposed to the standard piece of coal that is traditionally used, more and more hookah smokers are opting for these simpler and faster coals. The greatest benefit is that you need to know very little about how to light hookah coals. With these, you simply hold the coal with a pair of tongs in one hand, and with a lighter in the other, you hold the flame to the edge of the coal and as soon as you see a small bit of sizzling, set the coal down on a flame resistant surface. You're done! The coal will continue to light itself from there. Share