If you happen to be planning an activity or some kind of big event, and you need a way to keep track of participants, Tyvek wristbands are an excellent way to go! These wristbands are made of a special synthetic material, called Tyvek, that is cheaper than your alternative rubber, cloth, or plastic wristbands. In my personal experience they are also more comfortable. Tyvek wristbands are so light that after a few moments I forget I am wearing one. I also found that, whereas other types of wristbands tended to cause my wrist to sweat and itch underneath, Tyvek wristbands are breathable and less prone to cause sweaty wrists. Other benefits include, easily adjusted size, waterproof, stretch and tear resistant, and they are easily written on. Because of this Tyvek wristbands are perfect for any and every type of activity. I've worn them as a participant or staff member for, scout camps, fairs, parades, parties, dances, yearbook distribution, volunteer service organizations, triathlons, marathons, ice-skating, sporting events, and much more. The possibilities are endless. So if you're looking for a simple way to keep track of who is supposed to be at your event, and who is just crashing the party, consider getting some Tyvek wristbands to simplify your life. Share