There are a few adjectives that define our company and, without living up to them, we would not be as successful as we are today. My husband and I both work for catering services of Centennial CO, which is where we actually met and fell in love. We like to say that catering services of Centennial CO deliver professional, prompt, prepared service, and that our food is the best you'll ever taste. One of the challenges of preparing food for a large crowd is that sometimes people sacrifice excellent taste just to get the food out to guests. There are several of us who work together, and we each have our own jobs. Together, we provide something special. Of course, our customers want us to be prompt. If we are even a little bit late they begin to panic, so we get there just a little bit early to get to work. We are polite to all the guests, never assuming that we are part of the party, only that we are there to serve. We bring food that has been prepared and kept at the proper temperature. Hot foods should be very hot, and cold foods should be chilled. We know what we're doing, and we enjoy doing it! Share