It has always been a dream of my husband's to have a home theater system in our home. He was a film major back in the day and watching movies has always been one of his major joys in life. Now that we're a little bit more established, we're finding ourselves in a position to look at getting a home theater setup in Flemington NJ. Our first step for installing a home theater setup in Flemington NJ is to consult with a contractor. We'll need to put up a wall in part of our basement to section it off as the theater room. From there, parts of the room will need to be elevated for elevated seating to give it more of a theater feel. In addition to talking to a contractor about building the room, we're also talking with a company that handles putting in the surround sound and the projector. We were thrilled to find out that they also take care of furnishing the room as well. We're looking to get actual theater seats, some recliners, and maybe a few love sacs put in the room as well. To give it a true theater feel, we're also hoping to splurge on floor lighting and maybe a small concession stand. Share