My spouse and I are very impressed with the child care learning centers that we use. This daycare in Tacoma, WA is the perfect place for our child as we are both working on the week days. The staff at this daycare are always so cheerful and bright, they really energize the kids and make them feel included in everything they do. We also appreciate how the staff at the daycare communicates with us and tells us about what they are doing that day and how our child is. This daycare lets the kids go and play together but then they also have reading time where one of the staff members reads them books and then afterwards all the kids have a nice, quick nap. Another great thing about child care learning centers is that they don't serve the kids junk food for snacks. They always serve them healthy foods such as wheat crackers, fruit and vegetables. Once in a while on Fridays they will have some cookies or cake however for a treat. When we pick up our daughter after work she is always smiling and eager to share with us what she did that day at daycare! We really like this daycare because we can rely on them to look after our child and keep them safe and healthy! Share