My husband and I get together with two other couples every week for a couple of hours to do something fun. Each week a new couple gets to pick what we do. One week my husband and I decided we should go to the casino. In the end everyone ended up losing money and were not happy campers. We all agreed that we liked to play cards, but that we hated losing our money. My husband and I decided that next time it was our turn we would play poker again, but this time at our house. My husband found a poker chip set on sale at the store and bought it. When our friends all heard what we were doing when it was our turn to choose again they were excited. They loved the idea of getting to play cards, but without all of the risk. We had a lot of fun that first poker week. The poker chip set was perfect and made everything seem so much more real. Since that night we have made it a tradition that every time it is our turn to choose what we are doing, we play poker at our house. It is fun for everyone and costs nothing! Share