For my daughter's sweet sixteen party, she wanted a huge shindig. We're talking a band, grand buffet and 100 of her closest friends. I looked around my house and realized that we simply didn't have enough room to house everything she wanted. We did, however, have a large yard that would be a great party setting. As we were planning the party I realized that Chicago weather in the springtime was a little temperamental. I worried that a cold front or rain shower might hamper the fun. My husband suggested we rent some party tents from Chicago, IL to protect the festivities. I loved the idea. I called a Chicago, IL party tents rental place who told me there were several different sizes of tents that would be perfect for our needs. They even had professionals to set up and take down the tents so we wouldn't have to worry about it. The night of the party came with a chill in the air. Thankfully we had a huge tent set up for the band and the food. There were heaters inside to keep the guests warm. I was amazed at how, even inside a tent, we could make the area seem like a banquet hall. It was beautiful and perfect for our daughter's party. Share