Our two daughters seem to have an infinite amount of energy. No matter how many times I let them run around outside to get all their energy out, it seems like their energy multiplies! It's fun to have young, active little daughters but it can be physically and emotionally taxing. I was relieved when my wife and I found a childrens summer dance workshop in Illinois advertisement because that meant that we could sign our girls up for a summer class that would allow them to get out of the house and burn some energy. We are really glad that we signed them up for this childrens summer dance workshop in Illinois because they love it and they actually come home tired, believe it or not. This dance class is wonderful because it is a great work out for all the students and trains them to work hard and practice. They have dance concerts for the parents to come to and they are very fun to watch! They teach the children at this summer dance workshop a lot of different styles and our daughters come home every day with a new dance move to show us. We are really glad we enrolled our daughters in this dance program, it has been a blast for them and for us! Share