This last summer my sister had the most beautiful wedding in DC. She and her husband met while doing an internship out there and fell in the love with the city and with each other. They decided that they would continue working there after they graduated and decided that they wanted to be married there. The hard thing about putting on a wedding in DC was that our families were a couple of hours away and so we couldn't go and look through all the reception halls in Washington DC before hand. Instead, we ended up looking at the reception halls in Washington DC online and found a place that looked beautiful. We did all the preparation from a distance and ended up just showing up the day of the wedding to an incredible reception. The company that we hired to decorate the hall was incredible and the reception hall was amazing. Seriously the pictures online didn't do the venue justice. We stressed a lot about everything turning out alright, but we shouldn't have. This venue was incredible at hosting a wedding party and did a fantastic job. It was one of the best wedding receptions I have ever been to. Share