I really enjoying going to a San Diego casino resort for the weekend because it is a lot of fun. I don't look at gambling as a way to try and earn a lot of money. In fact, I am pretty terrible at any of the games that involve skill. I much prefer to play the slot machines, although lately I have been having fun playing different versions of poker. Going to a casino is all about the entertainment for me, and the buffet. I want to hang out with my friends and egg each other on to see how well we can do at a certain table. It is fun to watch someone who is playing well and cheer them on for the big win, or the big loss. Of course going to a casino resort in San Diego means that there are other things that I can do while I am there. Going to the spa is a big draw for me. I can't stay in the casino the entire time I am there and an hour massage is so relaxing. I usually like to get a pedicure while I am in the spa as well. I love the way they massage my feet and then I get to choose what color of paint to put on my toenails. It is a nice little way to pamper myself before I go out to catch a show or hit the slots again. Share