Hip hop jewelry has grown popular over the years and is a part of pop culture and the jewelry is classified by its deliberate gaudiness and its flashy style. It's often referred to as "bling bling" and the terms recent induction into the dictionary is a testimony to hip hop jewelry's popularity. Rap stars were the first to wear large and flashy rings, necklaces and medallions made of gold in the 1980's, but now hip hop jewelry is made from gold, as well as platinum and silver. In the world of hip hop, the more expensive, the better and hip hop jewelry nowadays is flooded with diamonds and other precious gems. While hip hop jewelry is known to be and look expensive, fake metals and stones are also used in the manufacturing of hip hop jewelry, which, although fake, can still look real and expensive. Whether real of fake, hip hop jewelry is a fashion statement and there are a number of options for those seeking hip hop jewelry for sale. Hip hop jewelry is in a class all its own and to find hip hop jewelry for sale, one would need to visit jewelry stores that cater to the urban crowd. Many of these stores have popped up in cities and towns over the past few years and can be found using local phone book directories. Fine jewelers most likely will not carry this type of jewelry in their showrooms, but are often sought after for custom made hip hop jewelry by entertainers and common folk alike. Hip hop jewelry for sale is also posted in local newspaper classified ad sections. Terms like "bling bling" and "iced out" are often laced into the description, to give buyers an idea of the style of jewelry. In addition to local retailers, hip hop jewelry for sale can also be found in one of seemingly countless online jewelry stores. Online retailers that carry hip hop style jewelry will usually have a keyword, such as "hip hop", "bling bling" or "ice" somewhere in the name of the site or in the description of their products. Share