My daughter is really talented. She is heavily involved in her dance team, but in her spare time she enjoys writing songs and tinkering with music. For her birthday, my husband and I decided to find a recording studio in Worcester MA where she could record one of her songs. Our daughter didn't know we were going to surprise her, so when we let her know where we were going she was thrilled. Like a lot of teenagers, she's had visions of becoming the next Taylor Swift. We don't know that this experience will take her to that level, but we sure wanted her to have the experience. If the opportunity turns into more, we'll be happy to find her as many recording studios in Massachusetts as she wants to visit. She had a blast during her recording session. I think it gave her a look at how a real recording studio in Worcester MA works. She has expressed a desire to learn more about the music business and my husband joked that we've gone and done it now. The best part is that she gets to stretch her creative muscles and see where she wants to go with her future. Share