Recently there has been a lot of talk of zombies. There are movies, books, and television shows about zombies. A lot of people are beginnning to actually prepare for a zombie apocalypse. My husband and cousin are really in to the whole zombie thing. They found this company that actually sells gear and paraphernalia to people to help them figure out how to survive a zombie apocalypse. My husband bought a couple of guides from this company on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Here a couple of things he learned that you need to do. 1. Have plenty of food supplies. During a zombie apocalypse it is very unlikely that you will be able to just run to the store for food. Having a large food supply will keep you from having to make dangerous trips! 2. Have plenty of weapons. You may not want to fight a zombie, but in some situations you may not be able to avoid it. Make sure you have plenty of guns and knives. You never know how many zombies you are going to have to face. 3. Learn various skills. Having medical skills and survival skills could come in handy during an apocalypse. You never know when someone will get injured or when you will have to be on the run and survive outdoors. These three things are just a couple of examples of things you can do to survive a zombie apocalypse. Share