After I got engaged, my fiancee and I started looking for wedding venues Fayetteville. We sat down with our families and talked about what we needed as far as a venue went, and we decided that we needed to find wedding venues Fayetteville that would be able to seat at least a hundred people. The size was one of the largest things that we needed to find, and we also needed to find a venue that would allow us to have areas for food preparation, because our relatives were going to help us out a lot with that sort of thing. We looked at a bunch of different places, and after weeding out some venues that didn't have exactly what we were looking for, we decided that it might be good to talk to some of our friends to see where they got married. We were able to find some really nice places that we had never heard of by doing this, and after visiting the new places we found a venue that absolutely blew us away. It had a really gorgeous ballroom, and a wonderful dining area for guests. It also had a really great space for people to prepare food in, which was really nice. Share