Childrens day camp in Michigan is a great activity for children of all ages. Most day camps have a minimum age requirement, but you will have to check to see what this age is. Day camp is nice for kids for many reasons. For one, it is not as intimidating as week camps because the children do not spend the night if they go to day camp. The other thing is that it offers a way for kids to be physically active during the summer. It also fills their time doing something fun and productive. Many parents like this because they may have to work and they need daycare for their kids. If they can drop them off at a day camp each day, it also solves this problem. After work, the parents can simply go and pick the kids up. A childrens day camp in Michigan may operate for the entire summer. You do not have to sign the kids up for the whole summer, but you can if you wish. Children will have many opportunities while they are there. They will be able to learn new things and do things that they already know how to do, such as swimming. Share