Penny auction websites are the newest rage on the Internet. They give shoppers a chance to win auctions which give them the opportunity to buy items such as electronics and gift certificates at discounts of possibly 90 percent or higher. Of course any time a new trend comes around, there will be those that try to take advantage of the trend. That is why you should take your time to find the best penny auction site, instead of the scams. There are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing the best penny auction site. If you think there are suspicious bidding patterns, beware of those websites. There are some scams out there that use automatic bidding programs to bid on an item just before the timer expires. If you are unsure if a website is using that technology, stay away from it. Go with the penny auction website that you feel is credible. Find one that keeps the prices low. Some will only increase the bid by one penny per bid, that is the type you want to join instead of ones that increase it by 10 cents or sometimes as high as $1 per bid. Choose the penny auction site you feel comfortable with, and take a chance to win a great bargain. Share