Owning a small start up company is really fun and challenging. A few years ago, my brother and I started up a really great technology business, and we travel the country every week to sell our product. We have been able to amass a large amount of business from our travels, so it is an absolutely instrumental part of our business. Occasionally when we are traveling, we find ourselves without some important things that we need in order to go over the sales pitches with potential clients. On a trip to Florida recently, we realized that we had left the piece of luggage at home that had our projector in it. We had to find a place that offered projector rentals in Miami so that we could give our sales presentation. We checked around with some local business owners to see if anyone knew where we could find some projector rentals in Miami, and luckily one of them knew about an electronics business that was local and that rented out different pieces of equipment. We were able to rent a really great projector for a great price, and we were able to give a really effective sales presentation. We got a lot of business from the trip, and it was all thanks to the electronics store. Share