Quilts are a great way to celebrate a new member of the family. My grandmother would make a new baby quilt every time a new grandchild or great grandchild was born. She also lovingly made quilts for the missionaries in her church to take to the poor overseas. When we had all outgrown the baby quilts, she would sew each of us a new one to fit the twin beds we slept in. She taught me how to quilt one day. I don't think I will ever forget that. Now when I see holiday quilt patterns or baby quilt patterns for sale, I think of my grandma, who sadly passed just before my son, her new great grandchild, was born. The quilt pattern she originally taught me and used quite often herself was a basic block pattern. She would buy up fabrics of solid colors and fabrics of prints and create three by three blocks that she would sew together in color combinations that made sense. Grandma didn't know anything about color coordination in art, but in quilting it was obvious she knew something. Her holiday quilt patterns often involved trees and themed fabrics that fit the season. They were heirlooms. Share