My husband and I live about five hours away from my parent's home. We visit my parents quite often since it is not TOO long of a drive. When we were just married it was easy. My husband and I like car rides so the five hours would always fly by. However, when we began to have children this story ended. When our little girl was an infant the car rides were still easy because she slept the whole time. However, when she became a toddler she hated just sitting in the car. After a couple of miserable trips we decided we had to figure something out that our daughter could do. My friend recommended we get our daughter children audio books. She told me her daughter loves them and she stays quiet through the whole book. I decided to look in to children audio books. Our daughter likes stories and books so it sounded like the perfect thing. I found some great audio books for her. Our next trip went much easier. Our daughter listened to all of her books, and listened to some of them even twice. I am glad my friend recommend audio books to us. It has made road tripping way more enjoyable. Share