Bars are used by many people as leisure spots where catching up may be done by people who do not meet on a frequent basis. Most bars are fitted with gaming and fun equipment that can be used by revelers during their stay in the premise. Amusement games in bars are very common games that are played by revelers in these places. There are a variety of amusement games that can be played in the bars by interested persons. Pool and snooker games are the most commonly played in bars. These may be played by groups of people or by two individuals who use cue sticks to hit and aim the cue ball in the pockets. Foosball tables are also used in bars for playing table soccer and are often operated by coins that are inserted in slots to release the playing balls. Ping pong is also available in many bars and is played by two persons at a time. Many bars also have video game equipment in the premises. Games are played on projection or LCD screens. Different games can be played including racing, fighting, soccer and adventure according to the preference of the user. There are several benefits premises and individuals get from the amusement games in bars. Premises are able to earn extra income apart from beverage sales from the cash charged for playing games. Game lovers also get choose a place where they can catch up, while having drinks playing their favorite games. Share